As part of your retiree healthcare benefits program, you have the option to select a group sponsored plan or an Individual plan from our Medicare Private Exchange.

Please note that while the plans are similar we cannot guarantee that your physician is in the approved network or that your medications are covered in the formulary. Therefore, we recommend you contact an AmWINS Benefit Specialist to verify these important plan details. You can contact a Benefit Specialist at 1-877-847-9906.

Before calling, we recommend you have the following information:
• A list of your current prescription drugs
• The name of your pharmacy
• The name of your primary care physician and any other doctors or specialists
• If you will reside outside the state for a portion of the year
• If you travel frequently

You can also explore individual plan options available in your zip code. These contain varying coverages, deductibles, co-payments and out-of-pocket costs. To enroll in an Individual Plan you will need to contact an AmWINS Benefit Specialist at 1-877-847-9906. Please reference the bulleted list above prior to calling.

For more information on Express Scripts, including access to your formulary, click here.


If you elect an Individual Plan you will be enrolled in an HRA, administered TASC (Total Administrative Services Corporation). Funds in an HRA may be used to reimburse you for health insurance premiums and other qualified medical expenses as defined by the IRS (deductibles, copays, coinsurance, dental/vision expenses, etc.). TASC will mail a Welcome Package to eligible recipients with additional information on utilizing this account. There is no additional cost to enroll in an HRA.

To access your TASC website, click here.